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// LINEUP \\ 

Richard Jones – Piano

Joshua Cavanagh-Brierley – Double Bass

Johnny Hunter - Drums

\\ BIO //

Jubilant, lyrical and creative, Angle Shades is the debut album from the Manchester-based Richard Jones Trio. Comprising three young, rising-star musicians on the UK scene – Jones on piano, Joshua Cavanagh-Brierley on bass, and Johnny Hunter on drums – the group was born out of the renewed friendship that came in the period post-lockdown, when old friends finally felt able to share a room once more.

Angle Shades is tight in the intimacy with which the trio interlock, yet also free ranging; economical in its instrumentation, and yet teeming and tumbling with freshly minted ideas. Whilst there are reminders of the infectious playfulness of Norwegian trio, Moskus, or the fluid invention and deep groove of Jim Black Trio or indeed, the melodic lyricism of the celebrated pianist, Liam Noble, with Angle Shades, Richard Jones Trio brings a fresh, creative voice to the piano trio format. This is an original and inventive album from three accomplished players, all constantly striving to accomplish even more.

The trio are now named Angle Shades after their debut album and are looking forward to releasing and touring their next album Twirler in 2025.

// VIDEO \\ 

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